For those who need: Iraqi refugee crisis takes its toll

To hold operations that will clear away the Islamic state from Mosul the suport groups require to be funded

Due to the US and Baghdad planning to start an onrush on cities controlled by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), various humanitarian organizations are warned of the oncoming of  difficult period when a huge amount of Iraqis will be urged to leave their hometowns and flee.

Mosul, a second-largest city in Iraq and pluralistically one among last trophies still held by ISIS is going to be defeated. After in late September the US and Iraqi authorities announced the accession of 600 troops of US military forces to assist during the emancipation of Mosul the operation was planned to begin in October.

“Basicacally, a milion people will be displaced, of which 700, 000 will require humanitarian assistance. The task in front of us is very, very hard. It is causing me and my team many sleepless nights” Aleksandar Milutinovic, the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) country director in Iraq, tells about the scenation facing aid groups to Newsweek.

Actually the IRC has the ability to support only limited number of people during the certain period of time. According to available information, on a conservative estimate it comes to 60,000 people for at least six months of crisis. Currently, about 126,000 people are already displaced in the Mosul corridor which stretches from the northern Salahuddin province to Tikrit and Mosul.

“With the winter coming, the health system will be overwhelmed becuase a lot of people will be coming to the health facilities with respiratory problems,” Milutinovic states. “We expect there will be a rise in respiratory diseases, especially for children, because of the cold weather, so we will require more doctors and more pharmaceuticals.”

Also, Aleksandar Milutinovic said that the international community only undertook half of required needs of IRC. The EU, the UK, the US and the members of the US-led coalition, such as Denmark, have invested the most in UN agenicies and other aid groups.

Those, who are expected to leave Mosul are going to be supplied with the most essential things such as tents, food, water, blankets, medicines and heaters. Schools, mosques and any kind of suitable buildings are planned to turn into shelters but Milutinovic states, that without necessary amount of funds the resources can end quickly so it won’t be enough for all displaced in need.

Aleksandar Mulitinovic reminds that for good functioning all the structures have to be funded well: “We need money. Because if we don’t work together, if we don’t do a good job, if people are suffering, there are going to be more problems down the road.”



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